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Christ Church Lake Forest in Illinois is the first church to sign up for a annual subscription of LeFever images for electronic projection. They will be using these images in a progressive new application to their worship. KUDOS Christ Church for stepping deeper into Beauty and reverence!

Jeff LeFever will be giving a presentation of his work for Beauty and Consecration and relating it to Ecclesiastes at Little Church by the Sea in Laguna Beach California, October 16th at 6pm. Music interludes by Bernard Chadwick II

“We’re all just one step away from being homeless,” said Jeff LeFever in a recent conversation. Imagine what it will..."
Written by Dale Fincher, September thirteenth, 2011: "HOMELESS"

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Ground Work

The Jerusalem Journal (Sponsor Edition) is COMPLETED. This is a major accomplishment.
Work on the In+Sight Jerusalem 80 page flipbook is underway for posting on the FBA website. A preview of the 160 page Sponsor Edition is avaialbe now for viewing at BLURBbooks.

Accepting Help

The contributions page is now up. We are looking for Heralds, Investors, Patrons, Contributors...people who love God, the arts, Christianity, the idea of Community and are excited to make a better life for themselves and others and believe we can create a positive and beautiful culture together. CLICK HERE for more information. This is the invitation. You are invited! Come get involved in any way you can.

Coming Soon Announcement
Two more interviews are in the works: Father Thomas Zaferes, Proistamenos, Greek Orthodox Cathedral of the Ascension, Oakland, and Terry Jacobson, Senior architect at J7 Architecture... sign up for the newsletter or go to the FBA Facebook page (or TWITTER) to be notified of new additions on the website.

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Weekly Reflections on Consecrated Space from the LeFever journals



Posted: 23 Aug 2011

I sat in a church listening to a preacher speak on the doctrine of hell saying that too many people shy away from the discussion but he was going to lay it out for us… that to shy away from the doctrine of hell is to be embarrassed of Jesus. This is an evangelical Bible study church.  I probably should

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Posted: 16 Aug 2011

I am fascinated by the wounds. I am drawn to them. They resonate with me on many levels. The pierced feet of Jesus, His hands, His side, the punctures to the crown of his head, the lacerations and bruises on His body, the swelling, the tears and rips, and the dried blood. A quote from Beauty Will Save the World,

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Newest postings from Dialog

Consecrated Space // Integrative Church

Posted: 11 Nov 2010

By Jeff LeFever What would it look like? In my travels I have been observing the spaces in which people come to worship God. I have noticed that there are two basic types in which these spaces can be identified: Consecrated  /   Integrative Both are good and fine, and work for their measure. A Consecrated space is set aside –

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An Encounter.

Posted: 12 Sep 2010

Have you had an indelible experience ever, from any religious art? Millan was industrial gray and it was cold; it was winter and the trees had shed their leaves – the electric trains spat crackle through the night air with each passing, reminding one of Milan’s modern life: Modernity, Modern Life. This was not what I expected from Italia’s center

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